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Clear Fireproof coatings

polyurethane CS2d0

Clear polyurethane process to flame resistant wood against fire.

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Transparent polyurethane process to protect wood against fire.
Process is made up of two layers: a first layer of polyurethane sealer and a second layor of polyurethane topcoat which can be commercialized in different gloss grades; super matt, matt and high gloss. This sealers can be mixtured between them to achieve intermediate gloss grades.


Process is certified according to the classification system Reaction to Fire UNE EN 13501-1:07 obtaining the CS2d0 classification.
Fireproof properties aren’t lossed by the passage of time. In addition to it’s flame retardant properties, it’s about products based in high performance polyurethane. You achieve good coverage, transparency y sanding in the sealer, and a silky touch and good physical and chemical resistances in the topcoat.

110040 TEKFOC PU Sealer 040 fireproof P001

Polyurethane fireproof coatings with high coverage, excellent transparency and soft sanding. Classified in Reaction to fire CS2D0.

120142 TEKFOC PU Topcoat 142 Fireproof Super Matt P001                

Clear topcoat fireproof polyurethane with reaction to fire CS2D0, 10% Gloss and maximum hardness to scratch.

120141 TEKFOC PU Topcoat 141 Fireproof High Gloss P001

White topcoat fireproof polyurethane with reaction to fire CS2D0, 100% Gloss and maximum hardness to scratch.