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Frequent questions
on the Fireproof Varnishes

What does fireproof paint or varnish mean?

In the publication of the Spanish Language Dictionary, scheduled for 2013, fireproof is defined as: adj. It doesn´t burn neither spread the flame or fire.

Why are trials done over DM or MDF fireproof boards?

Triales for fireproof varnish are done over fireproof boards, as the aim is check fireproof varnish behaviour for wood. If it would be done over another surface, we wouldn´t be able to distinguish the reaction neither the efects from fireproof varnish for wood. There are also certificates on the market which make on inert support, but doing so overt fireproof MDF we approach the final real use which are consumer will perform and therefore it appears in our certificates referencing woody substrates.

What is the difference for the fireproof paint for wood between M and Euroclass classification?

Classification M (M0, M1, M2, etc) is the result from the policy UNE23.727:1990, reaction to fire tests, which previously was demanded for wood paints used in contruction. Nowadays, it is only used in furniture, as for coatings, walls and ceilings it must be used RD312/2005 and the European policy EN 13501-1:2002, also known for Euroclass, which is given classifying values B, C, D, etc. For example, Bs2d0.
In this classification, first letter (A1, A2, B, C, D, E, and F) represents fire reaction of fireproof paint in terms of flammability, flame development, etc. Second parameter indicates fume opacity grade (s1, s2 and s3) and finally, therd one indicative of the drop or particule nature pulled of in it´s case (d0, d1 and d2).

Which is the difference between RF30, RF60, RF90 and Euroclass classification?

Classification RF60 and RF90 is the result of the previous test to reaction to fire. Applicable in beams, facades, doors, etc. For a wood paint, you must always use reaction to fire test.
On the another hand, there are also tests for fire resistance UNE-EN 13502-1:2002, which give as a result EI90, EI12, etc. 

Does it make sense paint with fireproof paint on wood or metal?

Conventional varnish is flammable. Fireproof varnish objective is not to declive flammability features from the implemented support. Therefore, it´s always advisable to use a fireproof varnish. However, if you want to achive a structural element certification, all the components must be firproof to achieve this certificate.

Does wood painted by fireproof paint have a different aspect?

Our varnishes have the same aspect as non fireproof varnishes. Fireproof property, doesn´t affect at all in it´s aspect. Fireproof painting for wood has a similar aspect to a conventional varnish.

Fireproof properties are lost by the passage of time?

A properly formulated fireproof product shouldn´t loss fireproof properties by the passage of time. Fireproof paintings by Valresa meet this characteristics.