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Parquet Water Base Fireproof Varnish BFLS1

Parquet Water Base Fireproof process to flame resistant wood againts fire


Parquet water base matt fireproof topcoat, bicomponents which provides movies of excelent wear resistance as well as a good chemical resistance to domestic use products.
Provides the advantages of two different tecnologies: water and polyurethane


Fireproof varnish to water 700600, is for exclusive interior use.
Process is certified according to the classification system Reaction to Fire UNE EN 13501-1:07 obtaining the BflS1classification.
Beside the fire reaction certificate, parquet fireproof varnish to water, it is cataloged as a Class 2 product with respect to European standarts UNE EN 1263:2003 which references materials used in floor and stairs instalation to measure its resistance to glide.

700600 TEKFOC Parquet Topcoat AG 600 Matt P006

Indoor self sealer, recommended for parquets varnishing and stairs. It´s also recommended for works where special abrasion resistance is required. Classified Euroclass BFLS1. Class 2 sliding.